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    sunnysky Guest

    In MFC, when opening a file or creating a file, is WM_PAINT generated?


    I am learning MFC programming with the book "Programming Windows with MFC (2nd Edition)". I have some questions about the book example from chapter 9.

    When I open a file or click new file, the function CSquaresView::OnDraw() is called. I checked the stack, the reason is that CView::OnPaint() calls this function. But I don't understand how CView::OnPaint() is called. Is the message WM_PAINT generated if CSingleDocTemplate::OpenDocumentFile() is called by the default setting? Is it possible to change the behavior?


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    Re: In MFC, when opening a file or creating a file, is WM_PAINT generated?

    An application does not (or should not) directly send WM_PAINT message. Instead, it calls a function (Invalidate, InvalidateRect, or one of few others) that invalidates an area of a window. WM_PAINT is further sent by the system, when that area needs to be repainted.

    In our case, the view window is invalidated in the default implementation of CView::OnUpdate. You can put a breakpoint there, then look on call stack window to see what happens before.
    void CView::OnUpdate(CView* pSender, LPARAM /*lHint*/, CObject* /*pHint*/)
        ASSERT(pSender != this);
        UNUSED(pSender);     // unused in release builds
        // invalidate the entire pane, erase background too
    That's generally OK, because once the document has been changed, the view must be changed, as well.
    However, if really need it, is possible to change that by overriding CView::OnUpdate and simply do not call the base class method.
    void CSDITestView::OnUpdate(CView* /*pSender*/, LPARAM /*lHint*/, CObject* /*pHint*/)
        // Do not call base class OnUpdate.
        // Do something else...
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    sunnysky Guest

    Re: In MFC, when opening a file or creating a file, is WM_PAINT generated?

    Thanks a lot. After I set the break point there, I found the reason. When either creating or opening a file, CSingleDocTemplate::OpenDocumentFile() is called. Then it calls InitialUpdateFrame(). Then InitialUpdateFrame() calls CView::OnUpdate().

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