please help with selection criteria Crystal 8.5
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Thread: please help with selection criteria Crystal 8.5

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    Question please help with selection criteria Crystal 8.5

    Have a table with mulitple records per person, need to read the records for each person and based on certain fields pull them into my report. I have a list of combinations of seq and codes that need to be in my result. For example (in seq order) 0032/0303/0990 or 0064 or 0311/0091 (my list is much larger) but for this example the only records I would need would be person 1 and person 2 from the list below... I dont know how to read through records like this.. can someone suggest a good way for me to do this? Much appreciation

    person seq code
    person1 1 0032
    person1 2 0303
    person1 3 0990

    person2 1 0064

    person3 1 4000
    person3 2 5000
    person3 3 6000

    person4 1 0032
    person4 2 5000
    person4 3 0990

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    Re: please help with selection criteria Crystal 8.5

    If the list is large then you could create a new table with all the desired records and define the fields as a key (person, seq & code).
    Then add that table to your report and link your data table to this new one.
    The report will display only the linked records

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