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    Online quote scipt

    I am trying to build or find an on-line instant quote calculator

    the formula I am trying to calculate is

    49 for the first 35 items

    0.85 each item thereafter

    user inputs total amount of items eg 400 items

    400 items - 35 = 365

    365 * 0.85 = 310.25

    310.25 + 49 = 359.25

    Total Price 359.25

    Then the total price 359.25 / 400 to give the price per item 0.89 (to two decimal places)

    I've found several on-line calculator builders but nothing that can handle this sort of variables.

    This script is the closest I have got but my maths is terrible and I cant seem to edit the code correctly http://www.dynamicdrive.com/forums/s...ote-calculator

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    Re: Online quote scipt

    just for the record.. I am here to learn.. please just push me in the right direction, not asking for the solution here.. (just experienced abuse on stackoverflow lol)

    everyones thinks it... noobs! who'd have em'
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    Re: Online quote scipt

    I have this as a starting point


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    Re: Online quote scipt

    You already have the math completely done in the first post. All you have to do is get the input now.

    Start with a simple prompt window.

    Now get the return and do the math.
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    Re: Online quote scipt

    There's no harm in breaking the problem into simple lines of code, not least so it makes it easier for someone else to manage.
    var minimum = 35,
        output = 0,
        input  = prompt("How many items?");
    if ( input<=minimum ) {
        output = 49;   // first 35 items are minimum 49
    else {
        output  = input - minimum;
        output  = output * 0.85;  // 85p per additional item above minimum order
        output += 49;
    alert("Total = "+output.toFixed(2)+", Per Item = "+(output/input).toFixed(2));
    Did you deliberately want to round down though because the per item in your example is actually 0.898125 which to 2 decimal places should be 0.90?

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