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Thread: Whether 0xFFFF is a valid Unicode character?

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    Whether 0xFFFF is a valid Unicode character?


    I just wonder whether 0xFFFF is a valid Unicode character.

    When I using the following code:

    CStringW strTempW;
    CString strTemp1;
    INT_PTR nLen;

    strTempW.Format(L"%c", 0xFFFF);
    nLen = strTempW.GetLength();

    strTemp1 += strTempW;
    nLen = strTemp1.GetLength();

    After executing the first codeline strTempW.Format(L”%c”, 0xFFFF), I will get strTempW of length 1, but cannot see it first character in Visual Studio watch window.

    After executing the codelilne strTemp1 += strTempW, I will get strTemp1 of length 0.

    That is confusing to me. Whether 0xFFFF is taken as a valid Unicode or not?


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    Re: Whether 0xFFFF is a valid Unicode character?

    Nobody cares how it works as long as it works

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