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    serialize & Deserialize entities without using Generics & Reflection?

    I have 2 entities (student, course) that I want to serialize & deserialize without using Generic & Reflection.

    This would be in a project three layers and using .NET 1.0.

    Any ideas?

    I do Serialization/Deserialization methods in both class but there is a error in Deserialize error:cannot convert expression type int to return type MyApp_Common.Student

    So... manually implement Serialization/Deserialization methods in both class

    no its not school homework

    I do with .Net Framework 4 and reflection but I want do that with .Net Framework 1 and with out use reflection and Generic

    private string SerializeStudent(Student student)
            return student.Id.ToString() + ',' + student.FirstName + ',' + student.LastName;
        private Student DeserializeStudent(string[] str)
            Student student = new Student();
            return student.Id = 5;

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    Re: serialize & Deserialize entities without using Generics & Reflection?

    Why use .net 1.0? Why torture yourself? Btw, you don't need generics or reflection to serialize - instead use the XmlSerializer.
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