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Thread: Help with project

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    Help with project

    A group of us have been assigned with the following project and are stumped on where to begin.

    "Write a program that displays the current weather on a graphic of the UK. The program will interface with a publicly available weather API."

    Unfortunately the link provided to us for a weahter API doesn't work, though this is the first thing we will require. After that we have very little clue what to do. This includes wondering what programming language we should be using for this task as well as HOW to display the weather on a graphic of the UK. The general program to extract the weather data from a database and implement it in a program shouldn't cause much bother, it's finding a database in the first place and then displaying it in the manner required that is troubling us (on a graphic of the UK).

    Any help/advice that you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Help with project

    Please don't post the same question to several different forums.

    See my previous reply here
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