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SetTextColor, SetBkColor etc take as parameter 1 a hdc which is available as wParam, so there is no need to use GetDC(). Just use

SetTextColor((HDC)wParam, inst->clrTextColor);
Also note that every time you process this message, you are creating a new brush without deleting the old brush. When a brush is no longer being used it should be deleted using DeleteObject(). See http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/libr...=vs.85%29.aspx

When this message is processed, is the value of inst->clrTextColor the value it is supposed to be? Have you checked with the debugger to make sure this value is right?

For my test program, the code
                SetTextColor((HDC)wParam, RGB(200, 0, 0));
                SetBkColor((HDC)wParam, RGB(0,200,0));
        SetBkMode((HDC)wParam, TRANSPARENT);
        inst->clrBackColor = (UINT)GetStockObject(GRAY_BRUSH);
                return (LRESULT)inst->clrBackColor;
produces red text on a transparent background. If the SetBkMode statement is commented out, it produces red text on a green background.
but i'm trying change the control\window backcolor