I need some ideas of how you would organize, sort, and refine data to tell me what are the "sweet spots" I may be looking for.

I'm thinking of creating a program that tracks supply and demands in a said industry.

I have the current supply source, I have the demand source, and I have the capability to have the supply created.
So I'm trying to layout this data and allow for me to filter it to see different options available to me.

How would everyone take all the three different pieces of information, and narrow down whatever results I have filter it?
Algorithm for a data structure of three sources of information into one.

Here's the best example I can give.

- Current supply source of 100 different monitors. (different colors, different sizes, etc)
- Demand source is people looking for these items, say on Google, or a shopping place.
- Supply I can have created. So for this example, I would know where, for how much, and how long it would take to make each of these demanded sources.

Hope this makes sense.