What is new in this release?

We are pleased to announce the new release of Aspose.Diagram for Java 17.5.0 . The new version of the API has improved the storing and retrieval mechanism of SolutionXML elements. It also generates the warning about font substitution during the export of the drawing to PDF format. Developers can apply 3D rotation effects to Visio shapes with Aspose.Diagram API. Aspose.Diagram API requires access to the accurate fonts in order to properly render the drawing to PDF format. It is possible that a font is used in a drawing, but not available on the machine. This will cause Aspose.Diagram API to render any instance of that font using the default font or the closest available font on the machine. The font substitution can change the look of the rendered PDF, developers may want to be notified when a font is missing and with what font it was replaced with. Users can modify cell values in “3D Rotation Properties” section of a shapesheet with Microsoft Visio application to apply 3D effects on a shape. From the recent version 17.5 or higher, developers would be able to incorporate this feature of retrieving and modifying cell values in “3D Rotation Properties” section in their Java applications. The help topic on blog announcement page shows how to set 3D rotation cell values in the shapesheet. Besides this, the mechanism of storing and retrieving SolutionXML elements from the Visio drawings has been improved because in various cases a simple open and save procedure was removing SolutionXML elements. The recent version also comprises a series of bug fixes. In general, it improves the way of connecting shapes through the connection lines as well as preserves the color of shapes. It has also auto port Aspose.Diagram for .NET to Java to give developers perfectly the same features on both platforms, so this version also incorporates the bug fixes and enhancements from its equivalent .NET version. This release includes several enhanced features and bug fixes as listed below

- Generate the warning about font substitution during Visio to PDF conversion.
- Cannot add a SolutionXML element in a VSDX
- Incomplete connections of shapes on converting a VDX to VSDM
- Connector line is passing through the other shapes on converting a VDX to VSDM
- Cannot retrieve Solution XMLs from a VSDX
- Incorrect color of rectangle shape on converting a VSDX to PDF

Overview: Aspose.Diagram for Java

Aspose.Diagram is a class library for working with MS Visio files & is a pure Java alternate for MS Visio Object Model. It is a standalone Visio Java library and does not depend on Microsoft Office Visio. It enables developers to work with VSD & VDX files and they can open files & Add & manipulate the elements of the diagram, export Visio files to PDF, XML, HTML, images format, SVG & several other formats, Rotate a shape, Add a hyperlink to a Visio shape, protect diagram shape and many more. Aspose.Diagram can be used with any kind of application, whether it’s a Web Application or a Windows Desktop Application.

More about Aspose.Diagram for Java

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- Online documentation of Aspose.Diagram for Java

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