Hello. I'm new as you can tell.

I have two weeks to make a program for a stream. I am a commentator and the lead production manager over at iCCup.com. We run StarCraft 1 tournaments and alike.

We recently adopted a new custom game which is won by whichever team has the most points by 30 minutes. Very traditional to what sports are like.

In order to make this custom game more observer friendly, I wanted to make a scoreboard and on top of that getting each players kills, deaths, flag captures and bonuses.

Sadly, I'm only an organizer, am I not a programmer but that doesn't stop me from trying!

I am asking if people can look at my methodology to this and see if I am going in the right direction, thanks!

There was a program released: http://www.teamliquid.net/staff/R1CH...OverlayPub.zip

about two years ago. All this program did was it read data given off by StarCraft and displayed it into a GUI. I am trying to replicate that to a degree.

I want to use ReadProcessMemory to gather all of this information and have them constantly write to a specific text file. I think I learned how to access the memory string from this tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knhWyXnmPzE

I haven't actually programmed anything yet, but at this point I can gain access to the data string so now I need to write that information to a textfile. You use the command FSstream to do this right?

The only things I have no idea what to do is the total scores for each team. There are four players, Red, Orange, Blue and Purple. There is HOT team and COLD team. Red and Orange are on HOT and the other two are on the COLD team. There must be a way to add the total scores of the players together to make an output right? Would you guys know how to do that?

Then I just need the files being updated like every .5 or 1 second.

My goal is to have like 10 or so text file that are all being written to when this program is active.

xSplit, the program I stream with, has a functionality to read text files and display their content while constantly refreshing.

If anyone could help me it would be much appreciated, hell, I'll even pay someone 50$ in amazon gift cards if they can write the program for me. I'll check this forum throughout the next couple of days thanks so much for helping when and where you can!

Also what is the difficulty of getting this kind of program to work? I feel like it would be a lot of copy paste after you get the first chunk of code done.

If your interested in writing the program for the amazon gift card, feel free to add my Skype @mastercosgrove . Thanks!