i have these code for add a persistence image to a control:
void setImage(string FileName)
        //handle the image
        HBITMAP hImage =(HBITMAP)LoadImage(NULL,FileName.c_str(),IMAGE_BITMAP,20,20,LR_LOADFROMFILE);
        //add it to control
            STM_SETIMAGE,//it's the sendmessage 'command'
            (WPARAM)IMAGE_BITMAP,//type\format of image
            reinterpret_cast<LPARAM>(hImage));//the HBITMAP image
(for the image be showed the control must have SS_BITMAP style... if you want another format, don't forget change the style and in SendMessage() function)
but i see 2 problems:
1 - the image is stretch to control... why?
2 - why the text isn't showed?