The latest version of Aspose.Pdf for .NET 8.8.0 has been released. It allows stable PDF to HTML, PDF to image, PDF to PostScript, and HTML to PDF conversionfeatures. The annotation manipulation is also one of the key areas which are specifically improved in this release. The Document Object Model of the Aspose.Pdf namespace has the capability to create tables in PDF documents and while generating the table, you can specify border information for table and cell objects. Recently, one of their customers wanted to add double borders around table and cell objects and with Aspose.Pdf for .NET 8.8.0, they can.

This release offers the feature to convert HTML files to PDF and it also provides the feature to transform PDF files to HTML format. During PDF to HTML conversion, any TrueType fonts used in the PDF can be saved on the file system. It lets you either save fonts in TTF (True Type Format) or save them as WOFF (Web Open Font Format). Please visit the documentation code snippet that shows the steps to save the fonts as TTF when converting PDF files to HTML format.

In this new release, they have also fixed some issues related to HTML to PDF conversion where multiple DIV tags were not properly rendered. Miscellaneous other formatting issues encountered in earlier versions are also fixed. The PDF to TIFF conversion has been greatly improved to handle complex documents and produce results with high fidelity. Manipulation of annotations (especially annotation import) is improved and issues related to text alignment, padding, text rotation, cloud markup losing its curves and problems related to missing arrows are fixed.

The list of important new and improved features are given below

- Use XSLT 2.0 versioned XML-FO template to create PDF
- Border style with double lines
- PDF to HTML converter: we should have opportunity to turn on/off usage of WOFF-fonts instead of TIF fonts.
- PDF ImportDataTable is taking more time while loading 30000 records
- Converting HTML to PDF Formatting Issues are resolved
- Images flipping on some pages is improved
- PDF to TIFF - resultant file contains garbled text is fixed
- HTML to PDF: Difference in 5.3.0 and 8.3.0 results
- Import annotation issue: cloud markup loses its curves is now fixed
- PDF to PostScript conversion: Resultant file is extremely large is now fixed
- PDF to TIFF- Text now visible over resultant file
- HTML to PDF: Multiple Div tags rendered incorrectly is fixed

Other most recent bug fixes are also included in this release.