Dear All,

I am on the beginning stage on C# development. Currently I am developing an Voucher based Accounting Software with following:

1- Visual Studio 2010
2- Programming Language: C#
3- Database: MySql 5

At present, Database structure is as follows:

1.accAccounts (For holding information about Chart of Accounts like Account Code, Name, Subsidiary or Detail, Opening Balance etc)

2.vMaster (For Vouhcer Master information, Like Voucher Number, Date, Voucher Type (i.e Payment/Receipt/Journal), Payee Name, Remarks, Debit Account, Credit Account, Amount)

3. vDetails (For Voucher Detail information, used for further allocation of Expenses/Assets uses AccCode, Debit Amount, Credit Amount)

4. TranPost (All transactions from vMaster and vDetails will be posted in this table)

The General idea is this: User create new Voucher, enter transactions for Payment/receipt/journal etc. Then save the voucher. After approval of supervisor, Voucher will post and all transactions were copied to TransPost, once posted vMaster and vDetails were restricted to further editing.

Ofcourse when data is available in TransPost table, generation of Trial Balance, Balance Sheet & Income Statement will be based upon it.

Now my Question is: Is this the correct approach for development of Accounting Software? I am mainly concern about Year end closing process. Should I use same vMaster/vDetails/TransPost tables for every Accounting period or should I create new tables for each period? Assuming 50-80k transactions per year. What is the recommended way? For accMaster I think it should be the global table for All accounting periods, if yes, then it needs also in Master/Detail structure for holding different Opening balances for each year.

As mentioned, I am a beginner and what I've learned so far is by 'learn-by-doing' approach and guidance of all experience programmers in the forums like this. So I am in need of guidance again.

Looking forward for suggestions from all Masters specially those who are in development of Accounting Softwares.

Thanks in advance