Hi Guys,

I am putting together a new community based contributor driven article directory site which hosts a constant stream of new quality technical articles of general interest (rather than very low level details) regularly. This will be first published in September, and is free. It's something I've been planning for some time, and now its coming together. I've already got some great content but looking to expand with more quality original content. I'm seeking articles about best practices, advice, lessons learned, commentary on industry practices ... stuff like that.

Techies love to share their knowledge and insights. There is great community spirit in the industry around the sharing of knowledge and advice. Great contributors get acknowledged as thought leaders.

Be part of this community effort and contribute content. Our contributors are what will make the site great. Please submit your original technical articles to be considered for publication on our site.

Articles may contain text or images. They should be of general interest in one of our existing, or a related topic, and be between 500-2000 words. We may reformat the content or do minor edits to make the content fit the format and tone of the site. You must be the original author, its not published anywhere else, and you give us the right to publish it perpetually.

We will include your details and optionally a link to your site, so you get the well deserved credit, recognition, and can promote your own site or business.

Its very broadly focused, with the following current topic areas:
- Java
- .NET
- Web
- Mobile
- Cloud
- Integration
- Hardware
- Networking
- Architecture

Feel free to suggest other topics.

The sites currently unnamed so looking for any inspiring suggestions on a name too :-)

Email me.


WIP site here: