Hi there,
i need your help to solve a problem with CR XI and DB Access.
Here is the question:

i have a db with 3 tables so created

Arrives ActualStore Ramaining

ID Counter ID ID
IDArrive Number IDTable1 IDTable1
IDSupplier Numer IDSupplier IDSupplier
Supplier Text Supplier Supplier
Article Text Article Article
Quantity Number Quantity Quantity

So, every day, new articles arrive to store and at the end of working day, every record in table Arrivers will be deleted.
Wher new article arrives, it will be entered in ActualStore and in Arrives, to increment quantity store. In CRXI i have to create a report that
For every Sender in ActualStore, lists every article and tell Quantity in store, Quantity eventually in Arrives today and quantity in store since yesterday in Remaining. I have created a Reports in wich i list each sender ordered by IDSender so i have this result:

IDArrive Article Quantity [Quantity if in Arrives] [Quantity if in Remaining since yesterday]
IDArrive Article Quantity etc etc

So, in first step, all is ok, supplies and articles perfectly listed, but when i try to list quantity Arrives and quantity stored if article is not present in Table (Arrives or Remaining) report doesn't list anything. It seems that relation join is mandatory, and it isn't possible listing articles in actualstore if they are not present in remaining or Arrives.
I don't know how to proceed to realize this report.
Can someone help me to solve?