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Thread: Barcode Printing

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    Barcode Printing


    I have a report tha print quantity and Barcode number

    How I can make this report to print so many times the
    Barcode number as is the value of quantity?

    For example if the quantity is 4 and the Barcode number is 1234567890123
    Then I want to print 4 labes with the Barcode number 1234567890123

    Label 1 --> 1234567890123
    Label 2 --> 1234567890123
    Label 3 --> 1234567890123
    Label 4 --> 1234567890123

    Thank you.

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    Re: Barcode Printing

    You could use a formula field, as:
    If {tablex.QtyField} = 4 Then
        {tablex.CodeNumber} + Chr(10) +
        {tablex.CodeNumber} + Chr(10) +
        {tablex.CodeNumber} + Chr(10) +
        {tablex.CodeNumber} + Chr(10)
    End If
    Insert the formula field in the desired report section and set Can Grow property to True

    I would use a small procedure and a temp table instead

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