CSliderCtrl::SetPos() Problem
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Thread: CSliderCtrl::SetPos() Problem

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    CSliderCtrl::SetPos() Problem

    Hi community,
    i have a problem to set sliderposition programmaticaly, it would be great if someone can help?

    This is my try:

    //pointer to my slider control:
    // On the begining the range ist 1 to 10
    // and the position is on 5
    // change the range:
    pSliderCtrl->SetRange(1, 100); // ok no problems

    // Now, how to "move" btw. how to redraw the position of the slider thumb
    // programmaticaliy with c++? Need to send some message, if yes what message i need to send to slider control to move (reposition) the slider thumb?
    I try with
    // first:
    ::SendMessage(pSlider->m_hWnd, WM_NOTIFY, TRBN_THUMBPOSCHANGING, 0);
    // then with:
    ::SendMessage(pSlider->m_hWnd, WM_NOTIFY, NM_RELEASEDCAPTURE, 0);

    but nothing happens?

    i know i do something wrong, but what?

    Thanks in advance
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    Re: CSliderCtrl::SetPos() Problem



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    Re: CSliderCtrl::SetPos() Problem

    To change the current slider thumb position, call CSliderCtrl::SetPos or send TBM_SETPOS message (CSliderCtrl::SetPos sends this message itself).

    TRBN_THUMBPOSCHANGING and NM_RELEASEDCAPTURE are notifications sent via WM_NOTIFY to the control's parent window, as a result of a user action.
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