ok im a complete novice with visual basic so this may not even be in the right places but im trying to create an application that send a keystroke continuously to the active window until its given a voice command, upon which it would send different keystrokes

its just so i can blog while im eating or watching anime or playing a game
i want it to send "j" once every two seconds so it scrolls my dashboard but then when i say "tag madoka" it sends "t", then types the tag "pmmm", tabs twice, and then sends "r".
eventually i want to learn the software but at the moment i used tutorials and sample codes to help me create a code that im not entirely sure if it works at all

here is the code i "wrote" and here is a shortened version of the code without as many different voice command options

i tested it and it recognizes the voice commands but it doesnt send keystrokes to anything
i also dont know how to have it repeatedly send j until i start speaking

im using visual basic 2010 express

thank you in advance :-^