Hey Guys,

Am a beginner to C# Programming, i have a requirement to create a smal project.
The project is to track the no of task done by individual. Few descriptions below.
1. Once a person is assigned with a Task, he need to enter the same in the front end tool.
2. This data will be getting captured in the backend (e.g: sql database) like Task#, Task Name, date, person name.
3. On completing the task, the person will enter the details in the tool.
4. So in the database we have the details for
a) No.of task done by induviual (e.g; in a month)
b) time taken to complete the task etc.

Planning to create front end of the tool in C#
Backend in SQL.

This frontend tool will be installed to all the users (e.g: 50 machines)
and the SQL server will be on Manager's machine, so that he will pull the report daily to see the status of the task assigned.

Planning to create the tool in Client-Server model.

My Queries:
1. When i use windows application in C#, on linking the SQL database am hardcoding the SQL server details (e.g: i harcode Machine1\SQLEXPRESS ) but if at all am changing the server in future to Machine2\SQLEXPRESS do i need to recompile my Code again ?