What a tester do?
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Thread: What a tester do?

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    What a tester do?

    I am software engineer, and want to have a testing job, so can you please just tell me what a tester really do?

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    Re: What a tester do?

    A software tester takes a computer software program through its paces to find glitches or errors that diminish the program’s usefulness and the user’s satisfaction. In these tests, the main purpose is quality control, so the tester tries to duplicate common user behaviors along with unusual actions that might occur infrequently. The tester’s main job is to find weaknesses in the software program that could result in a malfunction. Software testers may be asked to suggest improvements or modifications that the original programmers overlooked while creating the code for a software product.

    User software has at least two sets of instructions. The software that lets a computer user write letters, balance a budget or create presentations requires a set of instructions, or program. The program users see — the interface — is different from the program the computer reads to perform the tasks the software is designed to complete. Each piece of software must also speak to the computer’s operating system and access resources that it controls.

    The codes for each of these instructions combine to create a piece of software. In the course of developing these software programs, a software tester must verify that all the codes and instructions for the computer and the user actually work as intended. People who hold these jobs need to understand how computers work and how people use them.

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