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Thread: WPF and virtual Mouse Click

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    WPF and virtual Mouse Click

    I need to generate a mouse click for any control themed or not on a Window from the view model. I need to to a Click Programmatically because I am gating on a flag coming from a a hardware device, a Leap Controller. I need to be able to get the event or "Gesture" from the device and Click on the window the mouse is over.

    I need to figure out what window the mouse is over and click it. I can't do it with Win32 User32 calls, they do not work.
    Does anyone know how to find the mouse position, what control it is over and click it?

    It would really help me.


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    WPF and virtual Mouse Click

    i would like set wheel up to: key A and then do also a mouse left click.Is it possible?

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