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    How convert bytes to ASCII?


    How can I convert bytes to ASCII?, I read wikipedia about UTF-8 and I understood a little bit about add or split bytes to change the value.

    Now I have those bytes

    0xC7 0xE6 0xC2 0x91 0x93 0x7B 0xCE 0x01

    And I found a program (DCode) that convert to 64 bits little-endian, supposedly those bytes in ASCII is this.

    lun, 08 julio 2013 04:28:17 UTC <---

    But I don't understand how it works and I want to know how do it on C but I have no idea how can I do this.

    Can anyone help me with a example? please...


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    Re: How convert bytes to ASCII?

    First you have posted to the wrong Forum. Your questions has nothing to do with the Visual C++, it is just plain C. So the thread will be moving now to the correct Forum.
    Second, the DCode you refer to is for
    This utility was designed to decode the various date/time values found embedded within binary and other file types.
    Note the date/time values, not just bytes!
    Third, you have to learn C/C++ language before writing any conversion programs.
    Victor Nijegorodov

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    Re: How convert bytes to ASCII?

    sorry was my mistake for the post, I apologize for that

    And I am using Visual Studio 2012, but i'm very accustomed to use C, and I'm trying to do a software to recover data files deleted

    I finally found $MFT and now can read Attributes, but I need decode those hexadecimals to UFT-8 ascii to see names and dates, etc...

    am autodidact programming, and it's my first time learning about this, before of this post I read wikipedia about UTF-8 and I looked information but unfortunately I don't get it

    that's the reason why I need a good explanation from professionals to understand this things.

    I hope somebody can help with some explanation or example please

    sorry for my english BTW


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    Re: How convert bytes to ASCII?

    Hi proxy,

    I think that you are getting confused.

    The utility you've mentioned was designed to decode various date/time values found embedded within binary and other file types.
    That is the why your output is formatted as a date/time result with time-zone abbreviation.

    The way to convert UTF-8 to ASCII is straight forward as UTF-8 was designed for backward compatibility.
    For that reason UTF-8 only uses one-byte codes for ASCII values 0 through 127 which allows you to display the same character as the ASCII equivalent (and vice versa) when using this range.

    For example:

    UTF-8 Encoded Byte 0x41 = The capital letter 'A'
    Unicode code point U+0041 = The capital letter 'A'
    ASCII 0x41 = The capital letter 'A'

    Any UTF-8 code point larger than 127 are represented by multi-byte sequences and will be lost when you attempt to convert it to ASCII as there is no equivalent character to display. These characters are usually replaced with a question mark.

    Best regards,

    Doron Moraz

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