First things first. I go to New England Institute of Technology for Software Engineering and Cyber Security. I'm currently in my second quarter (15th week) and I'm starting to do a little more intermediate stuff. So, I made this program that deals random cards. The code is set to make it stop at 52 cards, but if you type anything over 52, it still deals the cards randomly. Firstly, I wanted to know if I had a fault in my code that should be stopping the cards but isn't or if it's not there at all........ I'll post the source for anyone to look at it.

Secondly, I' required to make a Texas Hold Em' program and my instructor explained that it's similar to the code that I will provide to you, but I honestly don't know where to begin. My teacher isn't very good at explaining code than what he does when he's not at school teaching us kids. So I was hoping to come to a place where people are more serious to teach and explain things that might help me understand all this more.

Thank you,