Store some variables in disk
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Thread: Store some variables in disk

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    Store some variables in disk


    I am using Visual C++ to write an app. One problem is that the application will allocate a lot of object instances of a specific class CMyObject, maybe 400, 000. This will cause “Out of memory” error when total allocated CMyObject reaches 400,000.

    To solve this problem, I just wonder when a new CMyObject instance is created, is it possible to specify so that the instance will allocate on a disk cache, or file mapping instead of the memory space?



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    Re: Store some variables in disk

    Most probably the need in allocating a half million objects indicates bad design issue.
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    Re: Store some variables in disk

    What igor said.

    Regardless of bad design issues
    If you are exhausting the address space of your application (for a Win32 app this is 2Gb, possibly 3gb with a switch in the build settings and depending on which version of windows) then you will need to do any disk based management yourself.

    Compiling as a Win64 app might work, though it's still probably bad design to have that many objects.

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    Re: Store some variables in disk

    Hard to say without knowing what you're doing, but perhaps you need a database.

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