Hi, I'm just trying to add a headline to this block of text (since it's the headline, the style needs to be different):
        .attr("class", "map-chatter")
	    .attr("background-color", "#ffffff")
        .attr("transform", "translate(-160,-160)")
          "This online course is designed for an interdisciplinary group of advanced health care ",
          "practitioners (nurses, physicians, pharmacists, dentists, researchers, administrators, ",
          "faculty) to prepare them to become leaders in the critical assessment, use and development ",
          "of information, and communication technologies (ICT) within diverse practice settings. This ",
          "course will focus on healthcare informatics and ICT system solutions to improve patient ",
          "care and health care delivery systems. The aim is for students to gain the knowledge, skills, ",
          "and attitudes to support evidence-based care at a leadership level. Students will learn ",
	  "healthcare informatics concepts and theories, and eHealth competencies, to address the ",
          "information and communication technology needs for providers and consumers of today's ",
          "complex health care organizations. ",
        .attr("dy", function(d, i) { return i * 1.4 + "em"; })
        .text(function(d) { return d; });

Thank you in advance.