I am trying to remove some data from the field below:

<p style="font size:12px;color:Red"><b><u>High Risk:</u></b> Includes critical care, hip, pelvis, & knee surgery requiring general anesthesia>30min., spinal cord injury, cancer surgery, major trauma, pts w/ adverse individual risk factors, or HX of VTE.

I have no problems getting the <b>, <u>, </b>, and </u> removed but can not seem to get the "<p style="font size:12px;color:Red">" out.

I need to be able to look for it no matter where it might be in the text string, and I was just going to do a replace with blank.

I have tried several different things and the problem I am having is that the variable for the start position and the length contain decimals. I have tried doing the following as well to get rid of the .00 in the NumVar and it doesn't like the StringVar, it wants a whole number.

NumVar MyStartVar := Instr({@FieldName}, "<p")
NumVar MyEndVar := Instr({@FieldName}, ">")
NumVar MyLengthVar := (MyEndVar + 1) - MyStartVar

StringVar MyStartVarS := CStr(Round(MyStartVar),"#")
StringVar MyLengthVarS := Cstr(Round(MyLenghtVar),"#")


I also tried converting the StringVar with CDbl and it put the .00 back. I really need to get rid of those decimals.

I hope that someone with a lot more knowledge than I can help me to solve this editing issue so that I can get this very much needed report done.