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    Attach Blender Source Code to Netbeans?

    The Blender project is properly configurated by CMake and I ran the makefile as well
    which was successful. But Now I want to attach it to Netbeans so that I can
    have some GUI debugger to work with.

    I use
    1) New application from existing source
    2) I select the root directory of the build say
    I point it to the third option.
    next, I chose Custom Configuration Mode
    I use an existing Makefile as it works correctly before
    Working Directory I chose C:\Blender\blenderbuild
    Source Folder I also chose C:\Blender\blenderbuild cos it contains some interns and libs and stuff
    Code Assistance I used Automatic
    Project Name I chose BlenderSVN
    Project Location: C:\Blender
    Project Folder: C:\Blender\BlenderSVN

    And this error occurs
    Makefile:142: recipe for target `all' failed
    process_begin: CreateProcess(NULL, /C/mingw64/bin/make.exe -f CMakeFiles\Makefile2 all, ...) failed.
    make (e=2): System can not find the file specified。

    make: *** [all] Error 2

    BUILD FAILED (exit value 2, total time: 715ms)
    I double check on
    C:\Blender\blenderbuild\CMakeFiles\Makefile2 does exist
    In line 142, it contains
    # The main all target
    all: cmake_check_build_system
    $(CMAKE_COMMAND) -E cmake_progress_start C:\Blender\blenderbuild\CMakeFiles C:\Blender\blenderbuild\CMakeFiles\progress.marks
    $(MAKE) -f CMakeFiles\Makefile2 all
    $(CMAKE_COMMAND) -E cmake_progress_start C:\Blender\blenderbuild\CMakeFiles 0
    .PHONY : all

    What other possibilities of compilation bugs are there?
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