We are looking for 1 or 2 expert coders to become part of a joint venture project. The project has already started but we still have room for experienced coders.

This is a joint venture which means that you will not get payed on a hourly base but you will get a significant cut of all sales.(All sales are split amongst the members of the team) The marketing programm and site is up and running so that part is covered by our sales team

We want to create something new and special that combines the best of youtube, facebook, wordpress and google+ for starters.

The project is running and we have still room for 1 or maybe 2 programmers but we don't accept just everybody.

Don't send me your hourly rates. We are not interested in partners with such a limited view of this project and theirselves. But if you are a expert coder and visionary who wants to be part of a great team to create something beyond believe, in that case you are the one we want in the team.

Send me a pm.

Have a nice day