Hello All

My Web application is hosted with Win 2003 and IIS 6.0. When User's machine are migrated from Win XP to 7,
they are facing Issue. e.g. Custom validator is not fired, on saving unexpected error occurs instead of validation message display, html does not renders properly etc.

When making setting as compatibility mode, everything works fine.
For long term solution, I want to use below tag in web config and want to try.
but When I try to replicate issue from VS 2010, Win 7, IE 9.0 machine , in run mode issue is not replicated even though I make compatibility settings as OFF.

Please let me know the reason why I am not able to replicate issue in DEV, is it because I am using VS Development instead of IIS ? I want to try with below in DEV First.
<Add name =" X- UA- Compatible" Value =" IE = 6"/>