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    problem with arrays in WinApi

    I'm new to winapi but I've read a book about it already. The problem is that my Visual Studio 2012 considers some of the stuff mentioned in my book as an error. For example:
    Array^ arr = Array::CreateInstance(System::Int32::typeid, 10);
    doesnt work.It asks me to put a semicolon between 'Array^' and 'arr',which also results in an error ofc.Also it says stuff like "Array must be a class or a namespace when followed by '::' ",CreateInstance is not a member of global namespace" and a ton of other issues.What's more:
    array<int>^ arr = { 0, 1, 2 };
    doesn't work as well. it says that " array is not a template ".Furthermore it seems to be completly unfamiliar with the gcnew operator:"error operator gcnew is unidentified".It makes me tired already

    Additional question:
    I want to make an array of objects of my own class.How can i make a definition of such an array without initializing it's components?

    Thanks in advance; may the Compiler be with You.
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