C# code to read xml files
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Thread: C# code to read xml files

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    C# code to read xml files

    Hi fellow members,

    I'm a C3 newbie and I'm having trouble fixing the issue I'm having with my code.

    This is my code to read this part of the xml file :
    if (reader.Name == "Amount")
    Salary = reader.GetAttribute(1);
    compTotSalary = calcTotals(compTotSalary, Salary);
    Salary= calcAmt(Salary, 11);

    and this is the xml file it's reading



    <Amount Value="450.50" Code="C"/>

    <Amount Value="26889.92" Code="DD"/>


    it is working but it's reading the last salary ( code = DD) instead of the first one.

    Please help!


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    Re: C# code to read xml files

    What happens when you try this?
    Salary = reader.GetAttribute(0);

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    Re: C# code to read xml files

    I get " FormatException was unhandled" error.

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    Re: C# code to read xml files

    Set a breakpoint at this line :

    if (reader.Name == "Amount")
    And Step through the code. Have a look in the Output / debug/ watch windows for the values of the read values.

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