I'm using VB6 with SP6 on a 16 year old software package with no plans to update anytime soon. We used to use Numega Studio DevPartner, especially the TrueTime part, but we started to use 3rd party tab control years ago and TrueTime would no longer compile the project, so I'm looking for a toolkit that does what TrueTime does which is to actually run the executable and detect what functions take the longest to run.. now TrueTime doesn't just analyze what code will run slow, it truly embeds itself into the code and detects the slow code with adding timers before and each function... so anybody know of a current software package that can do this for us OR has a copy of an updated copy of DevPartner that is compatible with VB6?

Yes, I already contacted the new owners of this toolkit (Micro Focus) and they only have a .NET version.

Thanks a bunch!!