MATLAB Component, MATLAB Software Tool, Drawing and Simulation development engine, Visualization Source code Kit for C/C++, .NET*
MATLAB*Simulink®*is an environment for multidomain simulation and Model-Based Design for dynamic and embedded systems. It provides an interactive*graphical*environment and a customizable set of block libraries that let you design, simulate, implement, and test a variety of time-varying systems, including communications, controls, signal processing, video processing, and image processing.

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**We*provide these solutions does not mean that E-XD++ visualization component library can only develop graphical applications in these areas, in fact, E-XD++ with any other third party C + + component libraries, including hundreds can be separated function independently.**With QT, MFC, etc., you can independently determine the need for E-XD++ in a function, in general, as long as you need graphics, you need flow charts, control charts, printing, publishing capabilities, simulation, electronic maps, electrical wiring diagrams, forms, etc., you can use the E-XD++ components library, of course, sometimes Maybe you only want to use the E-XD++ provides control without the need for the drop-down color graphics, that's no problem !*

The MATLABDemo sample demonstrates how to use E-XD++ to build a*matlab*like diagramming application with complex diagram*drawingand layout, as below. With*matlab*demo, you build models by dragging and dropping blocks from the library browser onto the*graphicaleditor and connecting them with lines that establish mathematical relationships between the blocks. You can arrange the model by using graphical editing functions, such as copy, paste, undo, align, distribute, and resize.
This is the first diagramming component that supports link to link line feature.

You can use E-XD++*MATLAB*Solution to build any your own*simuation*system quickly and easily, with ShapeDesigner you can design any kind of symbols as you want.
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*Ultra-versatile, such as automatic layout, multi-level collapsible subgraph, cell connection point, XML, DXF, SHP, SVG, etc., can help you quickly create complex and flexible chart.**Supports a number of events: such as click, double click, hover, select, rubber band select, copy, delete, resize and move the support.**Support the most complex operations: such as drag and drop, unlimited undo / redo and clipboard operations and so on.*

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