class constructor to create date and time
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Thread: class constructor to create date and time

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    class constructor to create date and time

    Write your question here.

    im trying to create two classes: a Date class and a Time class. The Date class has to have three private data members: day, month and year. The Time class should have two private data members: hour and minute. Each class should have two member functions: a constructor and display.

    im lost and my code won't run

    class Date {

    int month, day, year;

    Date(int m, int d, int y){
    month = m;
    day = d;
    year = y;



    #include "Date.h"


    void Date:isplay( int m, int d, int y)
    month = m;
    day = 0;
    year = y;
    cout<<month<<" "<<date<<", "<<year<<endl;

    #include "Date.h"
    #include "Time.h"

    int main()
    Date dt(7,4,1776);
    Time tm(12,3);
    return 0;

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    Re: class constructor to create date and time

    Define "won't run".
    I also cannot understand the purpose of these two classes.
    for example: what could this mean:
    Date dt(7777 ,-3444444, -117769999); 
    Time tm(4512, -888888883);
    Victor Nijegorodov

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    Re: class constructor to create date and time

    Before posting code, please format properly and use code tags. Go advanced, select the code and click '#'.

    Your class Date definition doesn't have a member function for display either declared or defined.

    Date:: void Date::display( int m, int d, int y)
    This is an invalid construct. If you have declared the function in the class definition then it should be
    void Date::display(int m, int d, int y)
    As Victor notes in post #2, there is no error checking of constructor parameters to make sure they are a valid date.
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