When I try to duplicate the results in C# that I get in VB6, it just does not come out the same (or even close).

Here is a snippet of VB6 code that I need to port over to C#.

'Establish Julian date for this year and date
    iYear = Year(dDate): iMonth = Month(dDate): iDay = Day(dDate)
    fJulianDay0 = CDbl(DateSerial(iYear, 1&, 1&)) + 1.5
    fJulianDate = CDbl(DateSerial(iYear, iMonth, iDay)) + 1.5
The iYear = 1989, iMonth = 12, iDay = 18.

To solve for fJulianDay0 for the date of January 1, 1989, VB6 produces the result (32510.5).
To solve for fJulianDate for the date of December 18, 1989, VB6 produces the result of (32861.5).

I am unable to duplicate these results with C# and have been trying for weeks to solve this problem.

Any suggestions?