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    Re: accessing long pointer safearray structure in dll

    you are to provide a small compilable project or projects that together replicate your issue.
    thanks for ur reply...

    as i have mentioned in my post#1
    i am debugging a dll file for an application and i am getting some problem in accessing the safearray structure in the dll file.
    the application wes developed in vc++ 2005 now upgrading it to vc++2008.
    For the front end there using vb script 2005.
    the thing is the application is developed in vc++6.0 and vb 6.0 platform. now i am instructed to upgrade them to vb.net version. i have upgraded the dlls to vc++2008 but when i am attaching them with the previous vb front-end code which is in vb 6.0 its showing this errors. the vb code is in vb 6.0 version but nw executing it in vb.net 2008 to test the dlls , is there COM conflict could arrise for that ? or any others error ?? please inform me..

    you show us how the function is declared in C++ dll but never do that for VB side.
    and in vb side declaring dll function in module1.vb as

    Declare Sub DatabaseInitialization Lib "engineDGCA.dll" (para() As ConfigTable, ByVal path As String)
    engineDGCA.dll is the dll's name and DatabaseInitialization is the function name

    rest of the code is in post#1

    the reason y i ddnt mentioned the vb code because the vb code accessing the dll and executing the function . when i am giving any message to be printed before that line in the same dll , it print the message.
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