Hey all I am trying to figure out how to add a new tag to a webbroswer page before or after the found tag name.

I am append to the tag name just fine but that only puts it within that tag. I want to be able to insert it before or after the tag.

The code to append is this:
.InnerHtml = "Testing...
.Append([the tag element here])"
That works just fine but like I said, it only inserts that inside that tag that i am currently on.

Let say the code below is whats on the page. I am wanting to insert a < div> tag before the start of the < form> tag or after the < form> tag.
<form class="live_574bf67566_58vvifkfkyu5237 commentable expand_mode" id="0_f" 
 onsubmit="return window.Event &amp;&amp;" action="change.php" method="post"
 data-ft='{"ge":"]"}' rel="async" data-live='{"seq":"574bf67566_1857067654230"}'>

   <input name="charset_test" type="hidden" value="6,52g,6b88">
   <input name="fb_dtsg" type="hidden" value="AQB4SLmU" autocomplete="off">
   [LOT of code here....]
   <input class="hiddenInput" type="hidden" autocomplete="off" data-id="785fgj67-774">
   <div class="innerWrap" data-reactid=".1l.1:4.0.$right.">
      <textarea name="add_comment_text" title="Write a comment..." class="textInput mentions" placeholder="Write a comment..." value="Write a comment..." data-id="57-986-gn-52">Write a comment...</textarea>
   [some more code here]
How would I go about adding this like I am wanting to do?