Im trying to parse a text file (sample line from the text file is below). As you can see, all of the fields in the text line are separated by a space, and I have managed to parse that using the code below...and as a result, I can get all space separated values in a text box array. But the first 2 fields are separated by '|' instead of a space.
I have 2 questions.
1) How can i parse a line based on 2 separators in the same line? (| and space)
2) Frankly, I dont even need the text before |, so essentially I can begin reading the line after the |. How can i accomplish that?
Thanks for the help!

MON|MIKE    TRUE    1    1500    68.8    1    1000    68.75    1    500    68.51    1    500    68.5
  If line IsNot Nothing Then
            Dim strings = line.Split(New String() {" "}, StringSplitOptions.None)
             Array.ForEach(Enumerable.Range(0, textboxes.Length).ToArray, Sub(x) textboxes(x).Text = strings(x))
        End If