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    Which is the best?

    PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, CSS, HTML are OK.
    C++ and Java is OK, but a little.
    Also interest to learn new languages if wanted such as C#.

    I have developed many websites for more than 6 years.
    Now I am about to develop software. I started to develop Software to use in windows OS. In future, i hope to develop for Mac too.

    I have heard that if we develop software using .NET framework, then it can reverse engineering and see the source code. I am not sure it can do with other framework too.

    Being available only for windows is not a big problem, i can learn new things by the time, because i am new to this subject.

    Please can anyone suggest me what is the best language according to above things and also many best developers use? And also which is the best software that i can use in windows platform?

    Is Microsoft often use C++/C# and don't use Java?

    I am sorry if their anything wrong, but I am new to software developing field.

    A few from my first project:
    It has two views.
    1. Admin
    2. Client
    Admin should be able to use web cam or another cam connected to PC. Client and admin can see each other through their camera, at the same time and also, in another window, only Client can see admin. both of them can communicate when they needed.
    admin can add files such as pdf and client should see it and also can be scroll it.

    And their are more. Please suggest me a language, a software and a database system(MySQL or MSSQL) to use for this.

    I also planing to store information on a web based database such as Skype stores usernames and passwords, etc.
    The software will communicate with a web server, of course.
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    Re: Which is the best?

    This is a sort of question that makes no sense at all on it's own.

    It's like asking which is better... A F1 race car, or a Tractor ?
    if you need speed, then an F1 will be a better choice
    if you need to plough a field, then a tractor will be the better choice.
    and then there all all sorts of in between scenario's where neither of these 2 will be an ideal fit, but can be any degree of usable. Or it might be more appropriate to take a different language altogether (if you need to drive 100 people around, then a bus would be better).

    Even with your project description it's still too vague.
    It might be easier/faster to use a "less than ideal" language that you already know, and taking the best possible language which you don't know and still need to learn.
    Which libraries are you going to use to handle the cams ? that choice alone may alread mandate or at least restrict the languages that can be used.

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    Re: Which is the best?

    Quote Originally Posted by jrmkr View Post
    Please can anyone suggest me what is the best language according to above things and also many best developers use?
    For general web server developments I think Java and C# are the best choises.

    I personally favor Java. It's very "popular",


    it's very mature and conservative, still up to date,


    and it's very portable.
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