1 occurrence of: Value of type 'WindowsApplication1.net.webservicex.www.WeatherForecasts' cannot be converted to 'String'.

3 occurrences of : Argument not specified for parameter 'ZipCode' of 'Public Function GetWeatherByZipCode(ZipCode As String) As net.webservicex.www.WeatherForecasts'.

These are the two arguments Im getting when trying to call a web service to an application. I am new to Visual Basic so this is foreign to me. It is not giving me an intellisense first arguments list to call the web service method but when i load it it says for the method to use : GetWeatherByZipCode(ZipCode As String) As Weather Forecasts in the Description. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated ASAP. Thank you in advance.

The errors are in Bold

Option Strict On

Public Class frmLocalWeather

Private Sub btnSubmit_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnSubmit.Click
'Connects to Web Services to give either the weather, temperature, or both for the selected City.
Dim wsWeather As New net.webservicex.www.WeatherForecast
Dim intZipCode As String
Dim strTempType As String
Dim strWeatherType As String
intZipCode = Convert.ToString(txtZip.Text)

intZipCode = wsWeather.GetWeatherByZipCode("37088")

Catch Exception As FormatException
'Detects if information is missing
MsgBox("Select a Zip and Weather Type", , "Error")
Catch Exception As OverflowException
'This catch Block detects numbers that are to Large
MsgBox("Please enter Zip Code")
Catch Exception As SystemException
'This catch block detects a generic exception.")
MsgBox("Entry invalid. Please enter a valid Zip Code")
End Try

'Select Weather or Temperature
If (cboWeather.SelectedIndex > -1) Then
strTempType = CStr(cboWeather.SelectedIndex)
Select Case strTempType
Case CStr(0)
strTempType = wsWeather.GetWeatherByZipCode()
strWeatherType = " Temperature "
Case CStr(1)
strTempType = wsWeather.GetWeatherByZipCode()
strWeatherType = " Weather "
Case CStr(2)
strTempType = wsWeather.GetWeatherByZipCode()
strWeatherType = " Both "
End Select
'Produce Weather or temp
lblResults.Text = intZipCode.ToString() & " " & strWeatherType
Catch Exception As SystemException
MsgBox("Web Service Not Available", , "Error")
End Try
MsgBox("Select a Zip and Weather type")
End If
End Sub