Hi all,
I m working at the moment at a Printing management system which basically should let me manage the printers.
The way i want it to work is the following:
I want to have the permission to see new printer jobs from printers and then give them permission to print or not by starting or rresuming the Jobs in the Spooler queue.

But i was running directly in a problem which is the reason why i was registering here:
How i can access the Option in the Printer spooler to hold/resume (not the offline mode) the printer. (check it, uncheck it)?
I was looking at the javax.print.* class but there are only options for definitions about the format, status etc.

Google didnt give me some fiable informations aswell.

Does someone of you guys maybe have an idea or code example to realise this kind of Spooler acces to Start/Stop the printer.

For more informations i maybe can upload a screenshot of the option which i want to change if you guys maybe got trouble to get my explanation. :-)

greets, fox.