Hi, all
I am trying to make a program in Visual Basic.net, and I am having serious issues with the lack of information geared towards beginners.
I have found a number of videos that were quite helpful, if I wanted to follow a step-by-step guide to do something that I really don't care about doing.
I've looked around MSDN, but the expected base of knowledge there is so high that I haven't been able to make sense of much of any of it.
I bought a textbook (Visual Basic 2012 in 24 hours), but it was like the videos. Long on follow-the-leader type programming, but it never really EXPLAINED why it did what it did, or branched out.

I started programming using AutoHotKey (please, no laughing), and found the help files with that were VERY useful.
It had a list of different commands and functions. Each command and function had its own page, with a quick description of the syntax, then an explanation of what each piece of syntax did, then a couple of code examples with a description of what the code did.
I'm looking for something similar in VB.net, as nothing I have found so far has been able to do more than throw a bunch of chaff in the air, and not really describe HOW a program fits together. Also, the complete lack of syntax explanations so far mean I am almost always hunting for a scrap of code I can copy and paste in, because I don't understand HOW I can alter much of anything.

Does anyone know of a resource?

Thank you