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Thread: Reference/textbook for complete noob

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    Reference/textbook for complete noob

    Hi, all
    I am trying to make a program in Visual, and I am having serious issues with the lack of information geared towards beginners.
    I have found a number of videos that were quite helpful, if I wanted to follow a step-by-step guide to do something that I really don't care about doing.
    I've looked around MSDN, but the expected base of knowledge there is so high that I haven't been able to make sense of much of any of it.
    I bought a textbook (Visual Basic 2012 in 24 hours), but it was like the videos. Long on follow-the-leader type programming, but it never really EXPLAINED why it did what it did, or branched out.

    I started programming using AutoHotKey (please, no laughing), and found the help files with that were VERY useful.
    It had a list of different commands and functions. Each command and function had its own page, with a quick description of the syntax, then an explanation of what each piece of syntax did, then a couple of code examples with a description of what the code did.
    I'm looking for something similar in, as nothing I have found so far has been able to do more than throw a bunch of chaff in the air, and not really describe HOW a program fits together. Also, the complete lack of syntax explanations so far mean I am almost always hunting for a scrap of code I can copy and paste in, because I don't understand HOW I can alter much of anything.

    Does anyone know of a resource?

    Thank you

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    Re: Reference/textbook for complete noob

    There are literally thousands of them, if not millions online.

    MSDN also has samples and there are lots of samples included with VS, there is also the 101 samples you can download from MS, the codebank at VBForums and many others.

    As for what books might help you it really depends on what you are looking for, most beginner level books are not going to cover much but they will help get you started.

    If only there was this kind of info around when I started, I had one book and no internet, no one to ask questions until I had been at it for a few years.

    Of course there is no way to actually learn VB in 24 hours, 24 months would be a good start, 24 years would get it done
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