About 10 years ago I wrote a program that used Chart FX 5.1 C++ in Visual Studio 6.0 C++ to create a scatter plot in a dialog. The OS was windows XP.

Many years later I haven't used Visual Studio in a looonggg time and I need to update the program so I can run it under Windows 7.0. I start up Visual Studio 2013 and try to import the project and find that the old chart controls do not working anymore. Windows won't even let me register the activex controls with regsvr32.exe.

I find no Active-X chart control in the toolbox to drop into the dialog so I can easily replace the Chart FX control.

The question is where can I find a Chart control that will work in a dialog?

I'm looking for the easiest way to do this so please don't suggest something like using new reflex active debargerized server pages or any other technology that requires me to reinvent the wheel.

Thanks, Tom