Here is my scenario and my delima.

I am keeping track of the color of shoes 5 women own. (SHOES.OWNED) Each have 5 pairs.

Mary has 2 black, 2 tan, and 1 red.
Sue has 2 black, 1 brown, 1 tan, 1 purple.
Jane has 2 black, 2 brown, 1 red
Sally has 3 black, 2 brown
Ruth has 2 black, 1 blue, 2 red

I want to list each person and the total amount of each color of shoes they have, starting with red. I want my list to look like this for th red shoes. My first report details SHOES.OWNED = red, my next report will be SHOES.OWNED = black, etc. Since I want to export this into excel, I need each person listed even if they don't owned the colors I quering.

Mary 1
Sue 0
Jan 1
Sally 0
Ruth 2

My delima is that the zero's won't show up. The people with zero red shoes are just eliminated. I don't see how I can use IsNull because everyone owns shoes and SHOES.OWNED will never be null. Can someone suggest the proper formula to have the zero show for the woman that have red shoes?