Aspose.PDF for Cloud API has released PHP SDK which allows PHP developers to convert PDF files uploaded to a remote server to other formats. You can pass URL and format parameters to specify the PDF’s URL and output format and use the PUT method of the convert resource to convert remote PDF files. Download Aspose Cloud PHP SDK from here.

The following code sample shows how you can use Aspose Cloud PHP SDK to convert PDF from remote server to TIFF image. You can define any format you want your PDF to convert to in “convertByUrl method”. You can view code for other languages on this page given below.

Code Sample:

use Aspose\Cloud\Common\AsposeApp;
use Aspose\Cloud\Common\Product;
use Aspose\Cloud\Pdf\Converter;

AsposeApp::$appSID = '3395ba5c-***';
AsposeApp::$appKey = 'e8dd1b0cd***';

/* * Creating the object of Pdf Converter Class with a perameter $fileName */
$Obj = new Converter('path/to/pdf/file.pdf');

// Call convertByUrl method.