It's the first time that I use codeguruand I hope that I get my question answered here
I have a robotcell with 4 robots in it. a A so called "update thread" (I hope you kow know what I mean) reads after a specific interval e.g. 1000 ms the coordinates of the roboters and puts them in a data structure.

Finally we have a thread for each robot (so 4) threads (again each have different read interval times) which read the coordinates and calculate the trajectory. I have to use win32api functions.

I have never done anything with time intervals in C++, so can anybody show me examples how to do that?
i have a threadbase class (with start and stop functions) and a critical section class.
but i need an idea how to "poll" the threads with an specific time interval.
i've read something ith createwaitabletimer, but I'm not sure if I#m on the right way.

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