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Out of curiosity I made this quick & dirty test on my nVidia Quarto 1000m
I wrote this sample code:

I made only the capture function + getting bits without any manipulations.
The results are ~30 milisec/ screen capture which leads roughly to 33 frames/sec (on my laptop of course )
looks suspiciously high... It could be that that model videocard is "unusually" fast at capture. We test nvidia/ati/other cards for this on a fairly regular basis, but the 1000m isn't on our list for some reason, might be because it's only available as an embedded video on laptops, which would make it sorta pointless for our purposes.

or something else is funky...

1) what OS ? is desktop composition enabled ? is the "Aqua" enabled ?
2) what else was running on the PC ?
3) because you aren't doing anything with the bits and nothing else is running, you're maybe calling the Capture() too fast, causing 2 captures to fall inside the same desktop composition cycle, and thus use the same composed bitmap as source.

THe challenge in the above is to actually capture at a high framerate while there is in fact something with that high framerate being output to screen. otherwise it's sort of defeating the purpose.