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    [RESOLVED] Convert From C# to Managed C++ and C++/CLI

    Hi Iam tryin to convert my Digit To Words class from c# to VC++... And the following line I am facing trouble

    String^ strNum;
    String^ strNumDec;
    String^ StrWord;
    strNum = Convert::ToString(Num); // Num is Decimal Parameter

    StrWord = ((double.Parse(strNum) == 1) ? " Rupee " : " Rupees ") + NumToWord((decimal)(double.Parse(strNum))) + ((double.Parse(strNumDec) > 0) ? (" and Paise" + cWord3((decimal)(double.Parse(strNumDec)))) : "");


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    Re: Convert From C# to Managed C++ and C++/CLI

    What is the problem?

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    Re: Convert From C# to Managed C++ and C++/CLI

    If what you posted is the actual code you tried to compile as C++/CLI, you're facing two syntactical issues:

    While C# uses the dot operator for all sorts of class member access, C++/CLI uses that one for instance members of value types only. For instance members of reference types it uses -> instead, and :: for static members of both reference and value types.

    Unlike C#, C++/CLI doesn't feature a keyword synonym for the System::Decimal type. So you'd need to write it with a capital D to directly refer to the actual type. (I assume you have a using namespace System; in effect, since otherwise you couldn't declare String variables without explicitly specifying the namespace either.)

    This would lead to the following changes to your code line:

    StrWord = ((double::Parse(strNum) == 1) ? " Rupee " : " Rupees ") + NumToWord((Decimal)(double::Parse(strNum))) +
      ((double::Parse(strNumDec) > 0) ? (" and Paise" + cWord3((Decimal)(double::Parse(strNumDec)))) : "");
    Also, C-style casts as we have them here should generally be avoided. Here I'd suggest to at least use static_cast instead. Admittedly, that will make the code look even more ugly and make it harder to read. Why not simply parse to a Decimal directly using Decimal::Parse()??

    And please use code tags when posting code.
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    Re: Convert From C# to Managed C++ and C++/CLI

    Thanks Eri...Your reply cleared me very well.
    Thanks for all replies.

    Thanks & Regards

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