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Thread: Pending Period Waived?

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    Jul 2007

    Pending Period Waived?

    Is it possible to have my pending post period waived on account of being a VBF regular

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    Re: Pending Period Waived?

    Mod posts only last for a few posts, so you'll be through it quickly....

    Trying to wave the 'rules' would be difficult as it is the forum software that would have to be changed, or a new user group classification and promotion rules would have to be set up (all more work than it is worth for just a couple of people....

    Some day.... not in the near term.... we might end up with a single sign-on for people in our network. That's not here now though.


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    Jul 2007

    Re: Pending Period Waived?

    Seems I need to change my subscription settings...

    Also, I figured as much. I found that I haven't been posting much on this forum, but more on webdeveloper.com. Although promoting me to admin would get rid of all these pesky "rules"...

    Single Sign on would be nice to have. Thanks Brad.

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